Tulsa Sings! 2018-2019 Competition

Sam Briggs

Sam Briggs was the Tulsa Sings! Grand Prize Winner for 2019. Briggs is very active in the arts in Tulsa and has worked with Discoveryland, Tulsa Opera, Theatre Pops/American Theatre Company, Tulsa Project Theatre, and Theatre Tulsa. As the grand prize winner, Briggs was be featured in the Signature Symphony Christmas in Tulsa concert for the 2019-2020 season.


The other Tulsa Sings! 2019 finalists included Dennis Crookedacre, Molly Crookedacre, and Majeste Pearson. In addition to Briggs being named the grand prize winner, the audience selected Dennis Crookedacre as Audience Favorite. Crookedacre, a Tulsa counselor with no formal music training

Dennis Crookedacre

Molly Crookedacre

Majeste Pearson

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